SDB-3241 Jet Fuel Thermal Oxidation Tester(JFTOT)

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SN/T 4937, ASTM D3241


This instrument is used to determine the procedure for rating the tendencies of gas turbine fuels to deposit decomposition products within the fuel system.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply:AC220V±5%, 50Hz
2. Measurement range:20~380℃
3. Temperature precision:±1℃
4. Nitrogen pressure regulating range:0 KPa~3.45 MPa(6kg/cm2)
5. Fuel system pressure:3.45±0.345MPa
6. Differential pressure measurement:0~340mmHg±0.1mmHg. Close to grade 0.3
7. Sample test amount:600mL
8. Oil flow rate:20drops/9s±1s , 3.0±0.3mL/min
9. Test duration:150min ± 2 min
10.Chilled water:38±8L/H, 0.1~0.4Mpa
11.Ambient temperature:10℃~35℃
12.Relative humidity:≤85%

Main technical features

1. Windows operation. Fully-automatic. All test procedures are shown on the screen of PC.
2. The main components of the instruments adopt international brands to ensure the performing reliability and stability especially the intelligent heating tube for JFTOT.
3. Self-test diagnostics and warning functions are set in the instrument.