SH/T 0248, ASTM D6371

The instrument is used to determine the cold filter plugging point (CFPP) temperature of diesel and domestic heating fuels.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz
2. Maximum power consumption: 1800W
3. Temperature range: -70 – 48℃
4. Temperature precision: ±0.5℃
5. Detecting mode: Photoelectric method
6. Test unit: 2 units
7. Data storage: About 10000pcs
8. Working condition: 15-35℃, RH≤85%

Main technical features
1. Built-in IPC control technology. 10.4 inch colored touch LCD. After the sample is loaded, all the test processes are completed automatically. Manual operation is also selectable.
2. Optical fiber sensor detection technology. It can avoid the influence of ambient light on detection, the result is more accurate.
3. International brand of temperature sensor ensures a higher test precision.
4. Metal-block bath and international brand of compressor are used to ensure a good cooling performance.
5. Double baths with double test units. The temperature in each bath can be controlled independently. Two samples can be test at a time.
6. Except for the standard test method, rapid test method is also selectable. It can shorten the test period markedly.
7. Fault message will appear on the LCD to prompt the operator if there is any fault.
8. RS-232, EMAC and USB ports are equipped on the instrument for data download. The software can be upgraded. The test data can also be uploaded to LIMS(Model SDB-0248Z-Pro, customizable).