GB/T 1884,GB/T 265,GB/T 1995

This instrument is used to determine the density and kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products(Newtonian flow behavior), as well as the viscosity index of the lubricating oils.

Main technical specifications

1. Bath volume: Ф300mm×340mm
2. Temperature range: Ambient to 100℃
3. Temperature resolution: 0.01℃
4. Temperature precision: ±0.05℃
5. Timing precision: ±0.1s
6. Display: 5.6 inch colored LCD
7. Sample amount: 4 samples
8. Working power supply:AC(220±10%)V、50±1Hz
9. Maximum power consumption: 1500W
10. Overall dimensions& N.W: 615mm×500mm×610mm, 26.5kg

Main technical features

1. Multifunctional instrument. It can determine the density of crude oil and liquid petroleum products, kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products and viscosity index of lubricating oils.
2. Microprocessor and colored LCD technology. Chinese-English bilingual menu. Light-touch screen. Easy to operate.
3. Advanced digital control and display. Automatic kinematic viscosity determination. The density test uses standard GB/T 1884.
4. It can test 4 samples at a time. Two for kinematic viscosity test and another two for density test. Or 4 kinematic viscosity tests. The parameters such as temperature, time, coefficient of capillary viscometer tube and density value can be inputted in or displayed on the light-touch screen.
5. New-type temperature sensor. The temperature resolution is 0.01℃. Temperature control precision is ±0.05℃.
6. It can save 99 coefficients of capillary viscometer.