SDB-0728 Asphalt Mixtures Bending Creep Tester

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JTG E20-2011 / T0728


This instrument is used to determine the strain rate of bending creep of bituminous mixtures under specified temperature and loading stress in horizontal condition to evaluate the deformation performance of bituminous mixtures.

Main technical specifications

1. Maximum load and precision:    5000N, precision 10N
2. Displacement measuring range and precision:    0 ~ 15mm ± 0.01mm
3. Temperature range and precision:    -5 ℃~60 ℃ (chamber), ambient~ 60 ℃(water tank) , ± 0.1 ℃
4. Time  range and precision:   0~60min, ± 1S
5. Overall dimensions and weight:    800 * 650 * 1500mm, 160Kg
6. Ambient temperature:   ≤30 ℃
7. Relative humidity:   ≤85%
8. Maximum power consumption:    2000W
9. Power supply:    AC220V 50Hz

Main technical features

1.7 inch full-color LCD display, curve shows pressure and deformation.
2. With USB host excuse and slave interface.USB slave port can complete pressure displacement data backup to USB disk.USB host interface can be connected to PC, and test software can be used to complete the data calculation and report collation of the whole test.
3. Servo motor controls axial load, accurate speed and pressure.  Advanced non - overshoot algorithm ensurse a single load to the target value.
4. This instrument can determine both breaking point and bending creep.
5. With segmented sampling. Sampling rate: within 10 seconds after the start loading, the sampling rate is not less than 100Hz; 5min thereafter not less than 1 Hz; and not less than 0.2Hz to the end of the test.
6. Reliable refrigeration system compatible with a thermostat and constant temperature water tank.It can finish the low and high temperature creep test at a time.
7. Innovative bending fixture structure, reliable vertical loading.There will be no pressure deviation and it will not affect the displacement of the specimen when it breaks.