SDB-0703 Hydraulic Wheel-Track Molding Machine

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JTG E20-2011 / T 0703


It is suitable to mill bituminous mixtures to molding. It is also suitable to determine the sample making method (wheel-grind method) for other physical and mechanical characteristics of bituminous mixtures.

Main technical specifications

1. Mold specifications:    300 * 300 * 50mm(standard), 300 * 300 * 100mm(optional)
2. Milling dimension:    φ1000mm * 300mm
3. Modling vehicle speed:    6 round trips / minute
4. Milling pressure:     0 ~ 20kN, adjustable(9.0kN is the set value before leaving factory)
5. Milling temperature:     0 ~ 200℃
6. Maximum power consumption:    3000W
7. Overall dimension and weight:    1310 * 790 * 1960 (mm); 372kg
8. Power supply:     (380 ± 10%) V, 50Hz
9. Ambient temperature:     5 ~ 40℃
10. Relative humidity:    ≤85%

Main technical features

1. This instrument adopts a floor structure. Small dimension. High degree of automation. Simple operation.
2. The clamping apparatus for installing test mould is advanced in structure and convenient in use. Safe and reliable.
3. After the test mode is installed on the vehicle, it can automatically align in the center without any adjustment. Jog the vehicle, it can stop anywhere.
4. The rolling times of the car can be set arbitrarily and the rolling times can be recorded at any time. When the actual rolling times reach the set value, the rolling will stop automatically.
5. The rolling temperature can be set arbitrarily according to the test requirements. When the actual temperature reaches the set temperature, the heating will be stopped automatically and the temperature will be kept constant.