JTG E20-2011 / T 0719


This instrument is used to determine the wheel track resistance property of asphalt mixtures under high temperature condition(not immersed in water or immersed in water) and the high temperature stability of asphalt mixtures on site.

Main technical specifications

1.Mold dimension: 300mm×300mm×50mm(standard), 300mm×300mm×40mm(optional),
2.Wheel tracking speed: 42±1 times/min(single route)
3.Wheel tracking distance: (230±10)mm
4.Test wheel hardness: 78±2(at 60℃), international standard.
5.Test wheel pressure: (0.7±0.05)Mpa(at 60℃)
6.Displacement range: 0~30(mm)
7.Displacement precision: ±0.01mm
8.Temperature of the test specimen: 60℃±0.5℃
9.Temperature of the test chamber: ±0.2℃(after 45mins),±0.1℃(after 60mins)
10.Temperature of the water tank: ±0.5℃(after 30mins),±0.2℃(after 60mins)
11.Working mode:Both none water-immersion test and water-immersion test can be done
12.Test amount: 2pcs(model SDB-0719B)/3pcs(model SDB-0719C)
13.Overall dimension and weight: 2600mm×1100mm×1500mm, 600kg
14.Power supply: AC380V±10%, 50Hz. Three-phase four-line.
15.Maximum power consumption: 5.5kw

Main technical features

1. The automatic temperature control system with air circulation and the internal thermostatic tank can be used for rut test. PTC heating unit is adopted for cabinet heating, which is safer and more reliable.The maximum temperature of air flow blown by heating is limited, the flow rate is increased, and the internal temperature uniformity of the box body is at least 50% higher than that of the old model.
2. Improved universal crank connection mechanism with higher transmission power and less noise.As a result of the improvement of the transmission mechanism, the force on the joint is reduced and the service life of the moving parts is greatly improved.
3. The inner components are all treated with stainless steel permeation process, beautiful and not rusting.
4. Additional load can be used to carry out heavy load traffic wheel track test.
5. 7 inch color touch screen, friendly and beautiful interface. The real – time curve and status are clear.
6. The test number and test mode can be entered, and data can be stored and printed automatically.Has the ability to store 100 sets of tests and curve data.
7. With a USB host interface, the internal sensor calibration experiment data and equipment information can use U disk backup and export or import, the direct support to store the code named EXCEL format file (include test information, test results and graph data) is derived.