JT/T 724-2008, JTG E20-2011/ T0736, ASTM D6925, AASHTO T312


This instrument is used to prepare specimens for determining the volumetric and physical properties of compacted HMA mix. This instrument is also useful for monitoring the density of test specimens during the compaction process.


Main technical specifications

1.Movement range for compactor: (0~250)mm
2.Moding sample height range: (50~170)mm
3.Rotary compaction movement accuracy: ±0.10mm
4.Range of gyrate compaction angle: (0~2)°, ±0.02°, adjustable. (Calibrated at 1.16°±0.02° internal angle when leaving factory)
5.Rotary compaction pressure: (0~1000)Kpa±3%. (Calibrated at 600Kpa±2% when leaving factory,bigger pressure can be customizable)
6.Rotation speed: (30±0.3)r/min, customizable continuous adjustable speed
7.Spinning times: 0~999
8.Displace measurement: (0~220)mm
9.Test model diameter: standard Φ150mm, optional Φ100mm
10.Pressure mode: pneumatic
11.Instrument dimension: 850mm×640mm×1800mm(L*W*H)
12.Package dimension: 1000mm×800mm×1950mm(L*W*H)
13.Mould weight: 7.5kg
14.Gross weight: 350kg

Main technical features

1.It adopts the high hardness high quality steel as the frame to ensure the high accuracy of angle control.
2.Electro-pneumatic servo control adjustment,it can measure and real-time display the rotary angle of the model,compaction pressure,sample compactness,rotary times etc.important parameters during the process of compaction.
3.Color display screen and touch control system,the PC port to connect with the PC directly and display all kinds of curve graph.There are no interference between PC and the touch screen to realize the joint control of the instrument.
4.Easy to set the rotary angle,compaction pressure,rotary speed,rotary times etc.measurement parameters,and to save,plot and print the results of compaction test.
5.Two types of operating scheme to finish the compaction molding: ①presetting rotary times. ②presetting appoint height.
6.Serial port: 1 USB port,1 RS232 port.
7.Integrated inner stripper
8.Optional:to heat the model rotary room.