GB/T 4929, ASTM D566

The instrument is used to determine the dropping point of lubricating greases.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply:AC220V±10%, 50Hz
2. Oil bath:High temperature glass cylinder, the content is about 1000 ml
3. Test tube:Heat resistant boron silicate glass test tube with edge, the inside diameter is Φ11.1mm to Φ12.7mm, three grooves on the circumference of the bottom 19mm are used to support the cup.
4. Thermometer:Range of temperature measurement is (-5~300) ℃,
Index value is 1℃, the immersion depth is 76 mm, the full length is 390mm.
5. Heater:Tubular, the power is 1000W.
6. Stirring motor:Speed is 500r/m.
7. Ambient Temperature:(-10~+40)℃
8. Relative humidity:≤85%

Main technical features

1. The oil bath is composed of heat resistant beaker, heater and electric motor. The heating power can be adjusted continuously. The temperature in oil bath is uniform.。
2. Desktop structure. Easy to operate.