GB/T 382, ASTM D1322

This instrument is used to determine the smoke points of relative smoke producing properties of kerosines and aviation turbine fuels.

Main technical specifications
1. Measuring range: 0-50mm
2. Oil reservoir: 25ml
3. Oil reservoir rising and falling device: 0-10mm
4. Ambient temperature: 20-30℃
5. Relative humidity: ≤80%

Main technical features
1. The instrument consists of bottom case,oil conservator stand, oil conservator, terrace, wick pipeline, ruler and smoke flue.
2. The oil conservator is composed by wick tube and air tube. The wick tube is tightened in the oil conservator. Then, install the oil conservator in the smoke point lamp.
3. The stroke adjustment range of the oil conservator lifting device is 0-10mm. Convenient and flexible to operate.
4. The bottom case is composed by wick pipeline and ruler.The measuring range of the ruler is 0-50mm,easy to observe.
5. Reasonable design with safe and reliable operation, attractive appearance.