SDB-3536E Automatic Cleveland Open Cup Flash Point Tester

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GB/T 3536, ASTM D92


The instrument is used to determine the flash points of the petroleum products with flash points above 79℃ and below 400℃ except fuel oils.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply:AC 220V±10%, 50 HZ
2. Maximum power consumption:500W
3. Measurement range:Ambient~350℃
4. Temperature precision:±0.1℃
5. Repeatability&reproducibility:In accordance with GB/T 3536 and ASTM D92
6. Heat source: Electronic ignition. No need of civil gas.
7. Data saving: 3000pcs
8. Printing: Built-in Printer
9. Cooling down: Forced air cooling
10.Ambient temperature: 10℃~35℃
11.Relative humidity: ≤85%
12.Overall dimension and N.W:435mm×350mm×285mm,13.5kg

Main technical features

1. Colored touch-screen operation. 3000 pieces of test results can be saved. Brown-out data storage function is designed.
2. Automatically ignite and detect the fire point. Built-in printer is equipped for printing. All procedures are automatically finished.
3. Electric ignition is set. No need of air source. Safe and reliable.