MS series magnetic hotplate stirring units are laboratory instruments used for liquid mixing, mainly for stirring or simultaneously heating and stirring liquids or solid-liquid mixtures with low viscosity.

Main technical specifications
1. Dimension of the working plate:φ135mm(5 inch)
2. Material of the working plate:Stainless steel cover with ceramic coating.
3. Input power of the motor:18w
4. Output power of the motor:10w
5. Heating power:500W
6. Maximum power consumption:550W
7. Stirring point:1 point
8. Stirring range:100~1500rpm
9. Maximum stirring capacity(H2O):20L
10. Temperature range and accuracy:Ambient to 340℃,±1(<100℃) or±1%(>100℃)
11. External temperature sensor: Pt1000, ±0.5℃ control accuracy
12. Over temperature protection:360℃
13. “HOT”warning :Over 50℃
14. Communication port:RS232
15. DIN EN60529 protection:IP42
16. Overall dimension and net weight:160×280×85mm,2.8kg
17. Ambient temperature:5℃~40℃
18. Power supply: AC220±5%, 50/60Hz

Main technical features
1. A brushless DC motor is equipped. No need of maintenance and no spark.
2. Temperature alarming system is set to protect the user’s safety.
3. The closed type outer shell adopts DIN/EN 60529: IP42 to ensure the operation safety.
4. The working plate adopts stainless steel with ceramic coating. The outer shell adopts aluminum alloy. Good heating uniformity and anti-corrosion.
5. LCD screen shows temperature and stirring rate. Easy to control the test.
6. The RS232 serial port makes it can communicate with PC(data record and upload).