HH series constant temperature water baths are used for drying, concentrating, distilling, impregnating chemical reagents, impregnating drugs and biological products, also can be used for water bath constant temperature heating and other temperature test.

Main technical specifications
1. Power supply:AC220V±5%, 50Hz
2. Temperature range and precision:Ambient to 100℃,±0.5℃
3. Test positions:4 holes
4. Heating power:800W
5. Heating rate:Within 70min from room temperature to boiling point.
6. Working chamber dimension:320×320×90mm

Main technical features
1. Digital temperature control and display. Stainless steel heating tube and temperature sensor. Good temperature control performance.
2. 304 stainless steel tank. Good anti-corrosion and long lifetime.
3. ABS material of ring caps. Much more durable and better sealing ability.
4. Plug hose drainage, easy to use, save space
5. It can process 4 samples at a time. High working efficiency.