SDB-5096 Copper Strip Corrosion Tester

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GB/T5096, ASTM D130

It is used to determine the corrosiveness to copper of aviation gasoline, aviation turbine fuels, automotive gasoline, tractor fuels, washing solvent, kerosene distillate, lubricating oil, and other petroleum products

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±5%
2. Temperature sensor: RTD, Pt100
3. Temperature range:  Ambient to 200 ℃,can be set at will
4. Temperature precision: ±0.5℃
5. Temperature display: Digital display
6. Heating power: 2000W
7. Timing range: 1min~24hour, can be set at will
8. Sample holes: 4 holes
9. Ambient temperature: 5~35℃
10.Relative humidity: ≤85%
11.Maximum power consumption: 2100W
12.Overall dimension: 260㎜×400㎜×640㎜

Main technical features

1. Stainless steel bath and test bomb. The corrosion resistance is good. Easy to clean.
2. Digital temperature controller is equipped. The temperature control performance is good.
3. ASTM color scale is provided for comparison.