JTG E20-2011/T 0604, ASTM D5


This instrument is used to determine the penetration of semi-solid and solid bituminous materials.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply: AC220V, 50Hz
2. Penetrating time and precision: 0~60S settable, ±0.1S
3. Penetration range and precision: 0~400 penetration, ±0.01mm
4. Temperature range and precision: 25~60℃, ±0.1℃
5. Weight of total loads: 100±0.05g
6. Weight of standard needle: 2.5±0.05g
7. Dimension and weight: 330*230*520(mm), 23kg(including water bath)
8. Water circulation: 2L/min
9. Maximum power consumption: 700W

Main technical features

1.Segment code LCD screen.
2.A collet nut is equipped for fixing the needle. It ensures the needle and other loads are in the same center line.
3.The cold light Illumination makes no influence on the temperature of the surface of the sample.
4.Digital indicator measures the route and shows the penetration value.
5.Pt100 sensor at class A makes the temperature control more accurate.
6.A special-use circulatory water bath for penetration test is equipped.