SDB-265H-2 Automatic Kinematic Viscosity Test Bath

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GB/T 265, ASTM D445


This instrument is used to determine the kinematic viscosity of petroleum products.

Main technical specifications

1. Viscometer tube:  Pinkevitch viscometer
2. Test positions:  2 holes, can test 2 samples at a time
3. Temperature range and precision:  Rt. - 100.0℃,±0.02℃(Eurotherm brand controller)
4. Temperature sensor:  Pt100, RTD
5. Timing range:  0.00 - 999.99 s
6. Timing accuracy:  ±0.01 s
7. Liquid measurement:  Infrared photoelectric mode(Mitsubishi brand sensor)
8. Data saving:  100pcs
9. Data printing:  Built-in thermosensitive printer
10. Power supply:  AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz
11. Maximum power consumption:  1000 W
12. Ambient temperature:  10-40℃
13. Relative humidity:  20-80%( at 40 ℃)

Main technical features

1. 10.1 inch colored touch LCD. All operations can be finished on this screen. Easy to use.
2. International brands of core components make the test precision high and stable(Eurotherm temperature controller and Mitsubishi optical sensor).
3. This instrument can intelligently control the whole procedure of the test. It achieves the full automation of keeping temperature constant, time detection, viscosity calculation, viscometer tube cleaning and drying, and automatically print out test result.
4. This instrument can ignore the fault measuring data and give a test result with the right measuring data.
5. An external circulatory water bath is optional for tests under room temperature(lowest to 5℃).