SDB-17144 Automatic Carbon Residue Tester(Micro Method)

SDB-17144 Automatic Carbon Residue Tester(Micro Method)

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GB/T 17144, ASTM D4530

This instrument is used to determine the petroleum products which carbon residue values in a range from 0.10 % to 30 % (m/m).

Main technical specifications
1. Temperature of coking oven :500℃±2℃
2. Dimension of coking oven:φ85mm×105mm(D*H)
3. Heating power:1500W
4. Test samples amount:12
5. Flow rate:100ml ~ 1000ml/min, 150ml/min and 600 ml/min automatic switching
6. Ambient temperature:5℃~35℃
7. Power supply:AC220±10%V, 50Hz
8. Maximum power consumption:1600W

Main technical features
1. The instrument is composed of two parts: control case and coking case. The structure is simple and reasonable.
2. Single chip microcomputer control system controls the whole process of the test automatically.
3. Touch LCD screen, easy to communicate, to provide the current state of work as well as the operation can be carried out.
4. Automatically controls the nitrogen flow rate, temperature set and heating rate.
5. Automatically collect the test data and calculate the results of the test. The test data can be saved and printed.
6. The measuring range of this instrument is: 0.10% (m/m) ~ 30% (m/m). Equivalent to the results of the determination of carbon residue more than 0.10% (m/m) of petroleum products which using test method GB/T 268.
7. Samples expected to be below 0.10 weight % (m/m) residue should be distilled to remove 90 % (V/V) of the flask charge. The 10 % bottoms remaining is then tested for carbon residue by this instrument.