DV-2 series of digital viscometers: The most universal viscometers in the world. Beside all performance of SNB series of viscometers, DV series of viscometers have wider measuring ranges.《DV program-controlled off-line downloading》software is optional for downloading the customized measuring program to the viscometer to make a personalized operation.

Main technical specifications and features

1. Measuring range(mPa·s): 40~40000000
2. Rotating speed(r/min): 0.1~200
3. Spindles: R2, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7
4. Measuring precision(F·S): ±1%
5. Power supply: 100~240V/50~60Hz. A specialized adaptor is equipped.
6. Spindle L0 is optional for low viscosity test: Minimum 3mPa·s
7. Spindle R1 is optional for low viscosity test: Minimum 10mPa·s