DV-1H series of viscometers:Mainly used to test samples which need to be heated. Such as bitumen, hot melt adhesive, polyethylene wax, etc. The measuring data can be displayed on the LCD screen. 《Data collecting, analyzing and drawing》software is optional for test monitoring and viscosity-temperature curve drawing in real time. The heater adopts built-in whole heating type. The heating uniformity and durability are good.

Main technical specifications and features

1. Measuring range(mPa·s): 100~10000000
2. Rotating speed(r/min): 0.1~100
3. Spindles: 21, 27, 28, 29
4. Measuring precision(F·S): ±1%
5. Sample amount: 10~20ml
6. Temperature control range: Ambient~250℃
7. Temperature control precision: ±0.1℃