This instrument is a high accuracy wireless magnetic inclinometer. It is operated by a portable controller and can survey at any time, any depth without time interval. 99 groups of data can be saved. An USB port is set on the portable controller for easy communication with PC. The data and the drawing curve can be transfered.

1.Inclination Range 0°-80°(Resolution 0.01°) Accuracy ±0.1° (0° – 50°)
±0.8° (50° – 80°)
2.Azimuth Range 0°-360°(Resolution 0.1°) Accuracy ±3°(@Inclination>4°)
3.Pressure 20MPa
4.Dimenisions Ø40mm×1200mm Net weight about 6Kg
5.Temperature -10°C – 70°C
6.Power (Probe) 7.4V Rechargeable Battery Endurance About 20 hours
7.Power (Controller) 2600 mAh Polymer Battery
8.Depth 2000m
9.Storage 8GB ROM