CH-1015 thermostat is specially designed for our company’s viscometers. Suitable to provide different test temperatures for samples. Microcomputer precisely controls the thermostatic system . International famous brand of Pt100 temperature sensor is equipped. Good quality stainless steel material is used for table-board, inner slot and tank body. The durability is good.

Main technical specifications and features

1.Temperature control range: Ambient~95℃
2.Temperature display resulotion: 0.1℃
3.Temperature control precision: ±0.05℃
4.Pump flow rate: 8L/min
5.Circulating mode: Inner or outer circulation, selectable
6.Volume: 15L
7.Dimension of slot: 215mm×180mm×200mm,2 holes(Φ74)
8.Overall dimension: 310mm×430mm×470mm
9.Power supply: AC220V,50Hz