SDB-510Z-1 Automatic Solidifying Point and Pour Point Tester

SDB-510Z-1 Automatic Solidifying Point and Pour Point Tester

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GB/T 510, GB/T 3535

This instrument is used to determine solidifying point and pour point of light petroleum products with good flowability such as gasoline, diesel, transformer oil and other lubricating oils with low kinematic viscosity.

Main technical specifications

1. Display: LED
2. Repeatability: 2°C(Solidifying point) and 3°C(Pour point)
3. Cooling limit: -70°C
4. Pressure of cooling water:0.5kg/cm2
5. Sample amount: 50mL each time
6. Ambient temperature: 5~40°C
7. Relative humidity: 10%~80%
8. Power supply: AC220V±10%, 50Hz±5%
9. Maximum power consumption: 350W

Main technical features

1. It adopts micro-electronics control and semiconductor refrigeration. LED display. Easy to operate.
2. All procedures are automatic including automatic refrigeration and automatic measurement. No need of manual intervention.
3. The test speed is fast. It has good precision and reliability.