SDB-LAB131 Octane Number and Cetane Number Tester

SDB-LAB131 Octane Number and Cetane Number Tester

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GB/T503, ASTM D2699, GB/T5487, ASTM D2700;GB/T 386, ASTM D613


This instrument is used to determine the octane number of gasolines and cetane number of diesels.

Main technical specifications

1. Measurement range of octane:  40~120
2. Permissible error of octane per unit(max):  ±0.5
3. Fluctuate range of octane per unit(max):  ±0.2
4. Measurement range of cetane:  20~100
5. Permissible error of cetane per unit(max):  ±1
6. Fluctuate range of cetane per unit(max):  ±0.5
7. Measurement duration:  <20s
8. Sample amount:  70ml
9. Critical value for battery:  2.5V
10. Dimension of monitor:  224x106x40mm(L×W×H)
11. Dimension of sensor:  60х100mm
12. Display:  LED screen. The result is printable.
13. Power consumption:  30W

Main technical features

1. This instrument can measure both of gasoline’s octane value(print the result of RON,MON and AKI) and diesel’s cetane value.
2. Rapid and precise measurement, user-friendly operation, larger screen with Chinese/English language, EL background light make it’s easier under dark environment.Chinese/English menu is also available.
3. Tree years quality guarantee for circuit board: we promise for free replacement within three years for any non-artificial quality problems. The sensors adopt
full-sealed design with alloying metal. External cover has high strength, shock resistance and water/dust/moisture proof performance. As well as sponge inside.
4. Upper and lower limits pre-setting are available, the monitor will display when it’s over the limit, which is convenient for the users.
5. Auto-off function can save energy and realize low power consumption. There are 4 reliable batteries for recycling charging.