SDB-DW300T Gasoline Octane Number Tester

SDB-DW300T Gasoline Octane Number Tester

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GB/T503, ASTM D2699(MON) and GB/T5487, ASTM D2700(RON)

This instrument is used to determine the octane number of gasolines by MON or RON method.

Main technical specifications

1. Range of measurement:40~120.
2. Inner diameter of cylinder:82.55mm.
3. Piston stroke:114.3mm.
4. Range of compression ratio:4:1~18:1.
5. Rotate speed of engine:900±9r/min(Mon),600±6r/min(Mon)
6. Maximum power consumption:8.0kw.

Main technical features

1. The test result can be obtained automatically by one key operation.
2. Equipped with DWG-CFR gasoline engine,self-lubrication,avoid daily maintenance.
3. Equipped with 4 sample tanks,and one of which contains a cooling jacket.
4. Detonation sensor DT30DS can be interchangeable without debugging.
5. Monitoring environmental pressure real-time , automatic compensation.
Using a laser sensor to measure the compression ratio, and engine phase be measured accurately by a rotary encoder.
6. Equipped with a special plug-in modular controller, stable and reliable, and can be connected to LIMS.
7. The ONmanager® software supports English and Russia and designed strictly according to standard operating procedures