SDB-DE120API Automatic Density Meter

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This instrument is used to determine the density and API of petroleum products by Archimedes principle.

Main technical specifications

1. Measuring range of density:0.0001~99.9999g/cm3
2. Measuring accuracy of density:0.0001 g/cm3
3. Measuring range of API:0.01~100.00oAPI
4. Measuring accuracy of density:0.01oAPI
5. Measuring principle:Archimedes
6. Temperature range:10℃~100℃
7. Temperature accuracy:0.1℃
8. Temperature sensor:Pt100
9. Functions:Can set temperature, density, standard weight and weight in water
10. Calibration:One-key automatic detection and calibration
11. Communication port:RS232
12. Power supply:AC220±5%, 50Hz

Main technical features

1. German brand of density measuring sensor. Japanese brand of temperature system. Good working performance.
2. Density at different temperatures from 10℃~100℃ can be measured. The default is at 20℃.
3. Different kinds of liquid materials can be tested. The application scope is wide.
4. The density and API can be measured only by one step. An USB port is set for communication with PC. Easy to operate.