SDB-5208D Rapid Equilibrium Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

SDB-5208D Rapid Equilibrium Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

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GB/T 5208,ISO 1523,ISO 3679


This instrument is used to determine different kinds of colored paints,oil paints,adhesives,solvents and petroleum products which the closed cup flash points are from 0℃ to 100℃.

Main technical specifications

1. Power supply:AC(220±10%)V,50Hz
2. Measuring range: 0℃~100℃
3. Measuring precision: ±2℃(repeatability),±3℃(reproducibility)
4. Temperature control precision:±0.5℃
5. Igniting device: Electric igniting gun
6. Cooling mode:Semiconductor(with cold water cycle at external connection)
7. Maximum power consumption:300W
8. Ambient temperature: 5℃~30℃
9. Relative humidity:30%~80%

Main technical features

1. Designed as per GB/T 5208-2008 Determination of flash point - Rapid equilibrium closed cup method. It can realize purpose of testing closed cup flash point rapidly and at low temperature.
2. The instrument adopts semiconductor refrigeration device and external water cooling device.The size is small and cooling rate is rapid.Easy to operate.
3. Test sample needed is less. 2ml for each time (4ml for solid sample and semi-solid sample)
4. The determination procedure is automatically completed except ignition.Test results can be printed automatically.