SDB-265H-1 Automatic Kinematic Viscosity Test Bath

SDB-265H-1 Automatic Kinematic Viscosity Test Bath

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GB/T 265, GB/T 1632


This instrument is used to determine determine Kinematic viscosity, viscosity number, and intrinsic viscosity number of oils and polymer in dilute solution. It has been widely used in the field of pharmaceutics, petroleum, chemistry, scientific research, and metrology.

Main technical specifications

1. Viscometer tube:   Ubbelohde viscometer (Dilution type)
2. Test positions:   2 holes
3. Temperature sensor:   Pt1000, RTD
4. Temperature range:   15℃ ~ 120.0℃
5. Temperature precision:   ±0.02℃
6. Timing range:   0.0s~999.9 s
7. Timing precision:   ±0.1 s
8. Data saving:   100 pieces
9. Data printing:   Built-in printer
10.Power supply:   AC 220V±10%, 50 Hz
11.Maximum power consumption:   2100 W
12.Ambient temperature:   10℃~40℃
13.Relative humidity:   ≤80%

Main technical features

1. 10.2 inch colored touch LCD. Micro-computer technology is adopt for the control unit. Good user experience.
2. This instrument can intelligently control the whole procedure of the test. It achieves the full automation of keeping temperature constant, time detection, viscosity calculation, viscometer tube cleaning and drying, and automatically print out test result.
3. This instrument has ability of fault identification and processing. It is convenient for user to analyze and judge the condition of instrument.